Making the Right Choice of Bike Racks

A bike rack is one of the simpler things and is a safe place to leave your bike. If you are looking to buy bike racks, you should consider a few factors. Follow the below-discussed things and you’ll be on the right track to make the perfect selection.

Making the bike parking obvious – Bike racks should be seen – the signage and bright colors help. It also requires being recognizable as bike parking, and needs no explanations. Keeping bike racks near the entrances and other areas where people are passing by can help you prevent theft.

Bike Racks

Getting the spacing right –You need enough space for the bike and around the bike. You shouldn’t forget swing room for getting the bike in and out of the parking space. It’s well-worth having a bike around when installation happens to use as a helpful guide.

There is a plenty of room for the bikes to store properly along the length of the bike racks. Street furniture and walls should not impact the way a bike is locked to the rack.

Buying the strong racks –Bike racks are generally manufactured from steel as it’s resistant to cutting and easy to maintain. The finish of rack should be perfect for the location.

Bike Racks

However, galvanised mild steel is affordable and when its powder coated, it allows to choose from different color options. Stainless steel bike racks are more corrosion resistant in salty conditions and don’t tarnish.

Focusing on the safety – The location of parking plays a key role in safety of bike racks. Cyclists prefer parking that is visible to the public and they focus on racks that can be seen from within the destination.

Choosing a good installation surface and technique are key to creating bike parking that remains secure and appealing over time. The bike rack requires be anchoring, securing with the perfect fasteners for the installation surface.

Bike Racks

Considering the time your bike is going to stay in the racks – Usually, short term bike parking is considered to be less than two hours. The emphasis is on convenience and ease. If the bike parking is far away, cyclists should lock their bike to the closest object that may not be as suitable as a heavy duty bike rack.

For the long-term bike parking, your main focus is on security. Bikes are often left for long time and bike parking requires being weather-proof for year-round use.

For a residential building or workplace, you require additional protection of either enclosure – lockers, shelters, bike rooms, or surveillance. But the areas should be lighted preferably. When the bike parking isn’t perfect, cyclists lock their bikes to anything that seems secure causing hazards for pedestrians and damage to other fixtures.

Bike Racks

Therefore, its well-worth taking enough time to get the bike racks right as good parking is always a win-win situation. Though it’s ok to start small when considering bike racks, you should be cautious that demand increases, if quality parking appears.

Buying the perfectly-designed bike racks – It’s time to buy perfectly-engineered bike racks at Kings Bicycle Parking, Australia.


Store Your Bike Perfectly With a Bike Rack

Currently, maximum people wish to ride a cycle, instead of other exercises. It has amazing mental and physical benefits and this is the reason, there are millions of people now getting attached to cycling every month. Despite of demographic divisions, there is awareness in each corner of the world for cycling. 

Bike Racks

Needless to mention, without proper gears, you can’t attain the benefits you have planned from cycling. From right jersey to helmet and from shoes to gloves, all these components are essential to enjoy a ride with your bicycle. Apart from all these gears, bike racks are known as the most important gear to solve the bike storage issues. No matter, where you are living, if you don’t have proper bike racks, surely your cycle won’t assist you for longer period of time. 


The best bike rack is incorporated with both with security features and innovative design. There is no need to be depressed of their style because they all are available in great style assuring you about your bike is parking on the right way without any deterrence. Manufacturers of these bike racks are much more aware about your requirement and they produce such racks those have great balance between security and style.  These racks will make you sure; your bike is in better condition than others. 

Bicycle Racks

Things to remember, while choosing the right rack for you


People always explore to invest on products those have high durability. Manufacturers, make you sure that, all the racks are durable and they will assist you wherever you want. If there is any extreme weather condition, you get assurance from these racks. If you don’t have much area to afford for your bikes in the apartment, you can store them in other places like side of your door or near your shoe case. With its sturdiness, there will be no problem wherever you want to store your bike.

bicycle parking racks in Australia


Most of the racks are designed to sooth your needs. Racks are always playing the vital role to store your bike and if the design won’t support, then there will be no outcome. Manufacturers always focus on customer friendly designs those will make your cycling enjoyable. 


You shouldn’t ignore the color while purchasing the right rack for your bike. Certainly, it will be great while you are choosing a rack which is perfectly matching to your bike color. Not only it will attract attention from others but also you will get satisfaction from combination.

Reduced Your Frustration with a Good Quality Bike Rack

Cycling proves to be an excellent way of transportation! As a cyclist you must keep searching for where you can store your bike safely. You may start searching for a cycle stand near a public place or at transit point or at your health center! Not finding one can be a real frustration. A bike rack is one of the simplest as well as economical ways to create a short-term parking solution. Bike racks are common in public or commercial areas while it can use indoor as well as outdoor for private parking too.Exceptional Bike Rack products deliver outstanding value and make a reasonable return to community, business,and individuals.

Essentials of bike rack

Bike racks manufactured by top-line manufactures are generally made with the best quality materials as well as best engineering design to meet the need of cyclist. An effective Bike Racks not only look nice but also meet different requirements such as

  • The bike frame and at least one wheel are secured with a lock.
  • Bike rack supports the standing of the cycle frame.
  • The bike wheel never tipped and hampered.
  • Bike rack allows some space on the side, front- as well as back.
  • It does not obstruct pedestrian traffic.
  • The bike rack can accommodate bikes of any shapes, sizes,and range.

Bike Racks

Designs of bike rack

Bike racks come in various styles and designs to meet the need of the cycling community.  Here are few general styles of bike racks that best suit the need of cyclists.

  • U-rack- A U-rack is in a reversed U-shape with its two points contact ground allows both the bike wheels to be secured. It is a reliable bike rack and commonly used in cities as it required minimal space for its installation.
  • Spiral rack- Spiral bike rack is in spiral formation are very effective and stylish with a great aesthetic appeal, it has a good amount of functional ability as it provides a safe locking area for multiple bikes in public areas.
  • Grid rack- Grid bicycle rack is consist of vertical bars connecting upper and lowers metal bars that never allow the wheel and frame of the bicycle to be unsecured. This can permit both sides of the rack to be used.
  • Innovative rack- focusing on modern designs innovative bike racks are designed by engineers to offer the maximum utility as well as style.

Materials for Bike rack

When it comes to material necessary for producing bike rack, it must cover few important principles such as durability, water-resistant, and it’s functional. Popular bike rack construction materials are stainless steel, Hot dip galvanized steel,and powder coated steel which are used by top producers. This not only enhances the overall appearance of the bike rack but also helps to endure harsh weather conditions and can be fitted to most surfaces.

Bike Racks

Better visibility

The need for visibility of Bike Rack is very essential. It should be such that a cyclist should be able to quickly identify bike racks when arriving at a destination. A highly engineered Bike Rack not only makes it easier for the cyclist but also reduces theft and damage.


Kings Bicycle Parking Australia began in 1996 with one primary objective to design and build maintenance free and durable Bike Racks using stainless steel, hot dip galvanized and powder coated steel as per Australian Standards. With years of experience and thousands of installations, we have established ourselves as an industry leader and preferred supplier not only in Australia but abroad as well. If you have any queries regarding our bike rack products, contact us online at

Bike Storage Systems: Reduce the Parking Chaos in Australia

Cycling industry reports significant bicycles sales in Australia year on year even though the cycle cost is going up and becoming more costly. At the same time the public place, park, education, and hospitality centers in Australia. At this stage, everyone as Individual or Government or private bodies decision makers are more worried about cycle storage space, safety and protect the value of a Cycle, the Cyclist.  Even though there are many ways to look at this as a paid parking, free parking of Cycles and overall protection.  Bike Storage Systems are ultimate choice and preference as it allows a managed way of keeping the cycles at one place and reduce the space usage and even free from risks. Bike storage systems have the perfect solution for storing your bikes at every place may be home or public place and keep you out of worry.

Bicycle Parking Racks

Bike racks are most commonly used both indoor and outdoor for Cycle safety and space management.  Modern Bike storage systems provide a convenient facility for many people who already have cycled for their everyday transport needs.

Bike Rack Products –

Bike storage systemscome in various shapes and sizes in accordance with space where it is installed. For example,a parking space near a Park or hospital varies to that of an Educational Center. The Bike storage system for an office may differ than that of a housing society or at a transit point.  Looking all the requirements the Bicycle parking rack and rails are made from strong Stainless Steel with the option of Electropolishing, or Hot Dipped Galvanized Zinc Plate and Color Powder coated to give a smart look. Because the size or shape vary, these are fabricated based on the customer need of an institution or individual. The bike storage systems follow AS 2890.3 which helps to install these in a Semi Vertical and Two-Tier cycle racks, Cycle sheds, open cycle shelter and anywhere. These are environment-friendly and come with asound warranty. Just install a Bike storage rackand avoid last minute parking chaos in Australia.

Bicycle Racks

Mount option-

The Layout design of the parking place, the nature of bicycle racking system determines the number of Cycle Racks and rails be installed and a professional Bicycle Storage company can fabricate, install and maintain the bike racks. Bike racks must be mounted on the rails to make it strong and immovable.  It can be surface mount, In-Ground Mount or rail mount but with an AS 2890.3approach, it maintains adequate distance between cycles and proper setback is maintained.

Conclusion –

Kings Bicycle Parking Australia’s leading Fabricator of top quality Bike storage systems, Bike Racks that can fulfill commercial and domestic bike parking need. No matter what your type of cycling and rack requirements, Kings Bicycle Parking Australia aims at providing practical and easy to use bike parking equipment for small to large bike rack solutions. We offer long duration warranty on manufacture and finish of our listed range of Bike racks. For any bike rack fabrication requirements email at or call us on 1800 272 849.

How To Buy Bike Racks? A Simple Guideline

With today’s bicycles not costing a big fortune, cyclists are no doubt looking for bike racks that won’t dent their bikes & allow them to lock the frame and wheel with a  U’ lock.

Regrettably, most of the parking facilities offered for cyclists are designed poorly & remain unused. Cyclists are pushed to lock their bicycles to trees & posts or slant them against building fronts & windows. This not just makes an eyesore, but prompts damage to the property & becomes a risk to pedestrians.

The secret to offering a secure and efficient bicycle parking program is to delineate top-quality, eye-catching bicycle racks. In a country like Australia, this denotes bike racks should at least comply the parking device guidelines instituted by Austroads Part 14 and AS2890.3.

Bike Racks

Listed below are guidelines to assist you to choose a bicycle rack that meets the guidelines:

  • Bike racks must appeal cyclists, and their construction should encourage use.
  • Security – The rack should let the bike wheels and frame to be locked safely.
  • Protection – Racks must support the bike frame & not hold the wheel
  • Racks must be constructed from heavy duty, weather and tamper resistant materials.
  • Choice of mounting the Cycle on Wall or on Wheel or even Hitch mounting rack for movement

bike racks

Finishes & materials:

Most good bike racks sold on the market today are available in a variety of finishes and materials but the durability is a key factor is a factor you must look for; Some examples are:

Galvanized Steel – Practically maintenance free & weather resistant galvanized steels are the best material that bike rack manufacturer can use. Bike racks and rails that have been ‘hot-dipped’ galvanized provide the most durable galvanized finish. However, try to ignore pre-galvanized tube unless using underground areas.

Stainless Steel – Attractive & costly, stainless steels are well-suited for plazas & for buildings with stainless supplies. Ask your bike rack supplier for top-quality Grade 316 or 304 Stainless Steel. The integration of an electro-polish finish boosts the shine & adds supplementary protection.

Type of use:

Bike racks are most commonly used both indoor and outdoor for Cycle safety and space management. Commercially racks are installed in residential buildings, parks, shopping centers and schools and colleges and other public places on parking lots.  Also in home, one can have a wall mounted rack.

Cost as well:

Price does differ with shape and size, quality and practicality and versatility, easy maintenance feature of the design or even as per a custom design need.

Kings Bicycle Parking is Australia’s leading Fabricator of bike racks that can be used in places like shopping centers, parks, schools, college, residential buildings, etc. We offer long duration warranty on manufacture and finish of our listed range of Bike racks. Let us know if you have any special bike rack design in mind. For any help, feel free to contact us on 1800 272 849.

Top 4 Tips to Buy Good Quality Bike Racks

Though the cycling industry grows continuously, the range of cycling accessories and complementary infrastructure grows accordingly. However, modern cyclists need much more than just transport from a destination to another – safety and protection of vehicles through good quality racks in order to find your bike in the same condition you left it. In fact, daily commuters, hobbyists and hardcore gearheads alike all have one thing in common – investment in a valuable means of transportation; the biking.

Likewise riding a bike daily, a bike rack installation is something you shouldn’t forget. After all, with the bike racks industry being so popular right now, a handful number of leading manufacturers are innovating new designs to set themselves apart in the competition with ease of installation, robust features, and unique functionalities.

If you are going to buy bike racks, then take a look at below discussed pointers. Consider following important facts to purchase a fine quality rack for your needs:

1. Bike Rack Features –

Once you’ve decided on the rack you want to install, you should keep the following features in mind:

Easy on and off

Creative folding design that stows away with ease

Sturdy straps to keep your bike safe and secure

Proper ability to hold the number of bikes you want to carry

Solid Warranty

2. Frame Compatibility –

Bicycle frame compatibility is the most important piece of information that you need to consider while buying bike racks. With the thousands of frame designs and shapes available and the frequency with which new stylish frames are hitting the market, it seems difficult to know about the bicycle frame compatibility information. If you use the bicycle frame on your own as a primary point of attachment, it will be prone to compatibility issues. Check with the company providing bike racks.

Bike racks

3. Security –

Security is the most important consideration you should take into account when purchasing a bike rack. Remember that, buying bike racks with locks will cost you a bit more up front, but can prevent the theft of your bike precisely. If you are not intended to leave your rack or bikes unattended, then purchasing a rack without security features can save you a great amount of money.


4. Choose the Perfect Material –

Most bike racks are manufactured from stainless steel. There are a few non-steel options available on the market, but stainless steel dominates the market for good reason. It’s due to their immense strength, economical pricing and easy to install as well as easy to maintain.

Conclusion –

Are you thinking to buy bicycle racks for the safety and protection of your bicycle? If yes, then consider investing in bike racks on Kings Bicycle Parking to get a great value on your purchase. For more information about our products and pricing details, please make a visit to our website today and feel free to get in touch with us online! We are ready to help you anytime!

Why Relying on Top Quality Bike Storage Systems is Worth?

Have you ever thought that bicycling can help in avoiding loads of road congestion? Is the safety of your bikes or bicycles holding you back from commuting via cycling in Australia? In this case, it is good to consider well built bike or cycle storage systems. This will help in providing a secure environment with a great anti-theft cycle storage solution for the cyclists. Whether it is your residential dwelling or commercial establishments, installing secure bike or cycle storage solutions will prove to be effective for the residents, employees and customers.

How the bike or cycle storage systems proves to be the right investment?

It can be said that installing bicycle or bike parking racks will prove to be the best solution for businesses and residential community in Australia. Most of the companies, retail stores, restaurants and residential apartments in Australia are considering the well built and durable bike rails or racks to offer a safe bike parking solution. This encourages more customer traffic for a business and ensures a good level of security for the residents.

Installing the well built and designed bicycle parking racks and rails at your property in Australia will not only offer optimal security solutions, but also will enhance the property’s appearance. The main purpose of the bike or bicycle storage systems is to hold the bikes in a secured way.

How to get the best out from he bike racks and storage systems?

1- Consider the space: 

It is important to consider the space required for installation, which will help in choosing the right one that will offer the best parking solutions.

2- Decide the Style or Type:

The bicycle racks and rails are available in different styles for residential and commercial purpose. This gives you the freedom to finalize the right type of bike racks or rails as per the requirement and  install it in a convenient way to enjoy an organized and mess free bike parking and storage solution.

3- Consider the Functionality: 

While buying the bicycle parking or storage systems, you must keep in mind the functionality, which assures of providing maximum protection and security or the highest standard of anti-theft solutions.

4- Proper Installation: 

Installation plays an important role in ensuring that the bike parking racks are securely fastened to the ground surface to offer optimal storage or parking solutions.

You will find a wide variety of top quality and durably built bike storage systems at Kings Bicycle Parking. Our galvanized and stainless steel bike parking or storage systems are durably built and manufactured to offer optimal theft deterrent solutions (once the bike is locked to it). As one of the most reliable and leading manufacturer of bike storage and rack systems in Australia, we are dedicated to offer the best quality and durable products. Our entire range of products is designed to offer great functionality that will provide you a peace of mind.

For more details, feel free to contact us today at 1800-272-849 or send an email- .

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Safe and Effective Parking Program with Top Quality Bicycle Parking Racks

Do you think that a cycle infrastructure is only for roads and junctions? Then you are thinking wrong. In Australia, most of the schools, business and residential areas are incorporating a secured cycle infrastructure by using top quality bicycle or bike rack and rails.

People in Australia are these days inclined towards cycling because of its health and environmentally friendly benefits. In order to provide a safe and effective bicycle parking program in Australia, you need to install high quality bicycle or bike racks. This will not only prevent bike thefts, but also will not force the cyclists to lock their bikes to trees and posts, which creates an eyesore.

What to look out when selecting a bicycle parking or bike rack?

    • The bicycle racks should be aesthetically pleasing and functional, which will attract cyclist and encourage to use it
    • The bike racks must allow durability and strength that will offer an optimal level of security, when a bicycle or bike is locked to it
    • It is important to look out for the bicycle racks that are well built to a good support and protection to the bicycles
    • You should look out for the bike racks that can successfully withstand weather and daily wear and tear

Things to keep in mind while selecting a bicycle or bike rack:

    • Buy a bike rack that allows both the wheel and frame to be locked with a ‘U’ lock. This offers good protection and security.
    • It is important to check out the bike rack’s capacity to hold a certain number of bicycles efficiently.

What are the features of a good bicycle parking program or infrastructure?

    • The first thing is bicycle or bike parking racks. A secured parking program or infrastructure must have top quality bike racks that will offer secure space for multiple bikes as well as offer a great solution to maximize capacity of a specific area.
    • Second thing is bicycle parking rails. These types of bike parking solution are suitable for narrow footpaths and difficult spaces. Bicycle parking rails help in providing standard parking solution and allows secure locking. You can easily install bike parking rails onto an existing concrete surface.

You will get top quality, durable bicycle parking racks at Kings Bicycle Parking; we are one of the leading bike racks and rails manufacturers in Australia. Kings Bicycle Parking excels in providing customizable galvanized and stainless steel bike parking racks and rails (with Australian manufacturing standards) at the best price.

Please feel free to contact us today at 1800-272-849, for getting more information about our top quality bike parking racks and rails.

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Ensure a Secured Parking with Durable Bicycle Parking Racks

Today Australian streets are filled with more and more bicycle riders. Does this signal commercial establishments in Australia to ensure secured parking places? Are you thinking how to achieve a bicycle friendly parking lot? In this case opting for top quality commercial bike racks will prove to be the best choice for businesses in Australia.

Why cycling is the best way of commuting in Australia?

  1. Helps in cost saving: Upkeep and maintenance of bicycles are thirty times less than compared to vehicles.
  2. Avoid traffic congestion and saves time: While commuting cycling is the best way to avoid a busy traffic and make a convenient way to your workplace or destination without being late.
  3. Offer health benefits: With cycle, you will get a gym on wheels. Most of the business owners in Australia have reported that bicycle riding employees are less likely to call in sick that result in more productive workdays.

As a desirable and viable form of transportation, more and more people in Australia are turning towards cycling. With the increase in number of bicycle riders, the demand for better bicycle infrastructure has become an important issue. Whether it is a new building or commercial establishment, providing bike parking has become a higher priority. By incorporating right kind of bike storage systems, one can efficiently use the parking lot and plan out suitable bicycle parking.

Best places to incorporate bike racks in Australia:

    • Downtown

    • Parks

    • Stores

    • Restaurants

    • Schools

    • Offices

  • Retail Stores

For Getting an Optimal Level of Bicycle Parking Security:

Well installed bike racks are considered to be the best for serving different cyclists in Australia that will provide them the assurance of safety. It is found that a poor storage option is one of the major factors that deter people in Australia from using bicycles. Locking up the bicycles to anything like chain link fences, trees, street signs or anything will look secure but expose your bikes to the risk of theft.

In this case to avoid bike theft, a well planned parking lot with durable and top quality bike racks and rails will prove to be the right choice. This will ensure a secured and space efficient bicycle parking infrastructure in Australia.

Kings Bicycle Parking offers durable and affordable bicycle parking racks in Australia that can be easily installed. We manufacture top quality galvanized and stainless steel bicycle racks, which can be suitably customized as per your requirement and budget.

For more information, please feel free to contact us today at 1800 272 849 or send an email to

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Top 8 Reasons To Choose Commercial Bike Racks

People today love to bicycle to home or office. It’s obvious that they’ll love businesses that cater to their bicycle parking needs. But a question arises how do you appeal to bicyclists? One obvious way is to provide them with secure and convenient bike storage systems in the form of sturdy, high grade commercial bicycle parking racks.

Top Reasons To Choose Bicycle Parking For Businesses

  1. Now bikes in the market are not available at reasonable prices. They are quite expensive. Hence, you should make sure that your bike is safe and secure in your office, especially when you’re working.


  1. Bike storage systems are required for businesses. More importantly, people become emotionally attached to their bikes. They usually spend a bit of time choosing which bike to buy. After all, these bikes represent their personality. So, it’s essential for business owners to help them protect their bikes.

  1. Bicycle parking racks are sturdy, as they are made from high grade materials. So you need to mount them securely at your commercial space. Depending upon your space limitations, you can install commercial bike racks holding a few bikes each.

  1. Bicycle racks are must-have accessory for the security of bicycles as there’s no lock which are completely secure. Hence, you need to consider a set up of bicycle parking racks to place the bikes safely and securely.

 bicycle parking racks in Australia

  1. Though commercial bike racks are for employees, it’s essential to install them in a highly protected area, especially near the front entrance. In the entrance area, workers can be able to look out and keep their bikes.

  1. Usually bicycle parking racks can discourage employees from keeping their bikes to trees, sign posts or guardrails. Hence, they will be a great addition to ensure a well-maintained parking space of businesses. Objects other than bike racks can’t secure at all as sign posts can be pulled out of the ground, trees can cut and bikes can be lifted up over the top of poles.

  1. Another key benefit of creating a bike friendly space, especially for businesses is the health benefits. However, bicycling every day is approximately 100 times better than driving a car. If the employees become healthy all year round, then fewer employees may be using the company insurance and taking day offs.


  1. At the end, the employees can get an excellent morale boost; when they find that their business is bicycle friendly. Being able to bicycling to work is a key perk for many employees. In current days, many companies or business are competing themselves for innovative talent that makes your workstation a very cool, refreshing place to work.

The Bottom Point– Bicycling is great for Australia. After all, it’s a positive lifestyle alternative for its citizens. Hence, it’s highly suggested to buy commercial bike racks from Kings Bicycle Parking and ensure rewarding parking spaces for your employees as well. For more updates on the new features and pricing of our bicycle storage systems, feel free to contact us online or browse over our Facebook, and Twitter !

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